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The Congregation for Sacred Doctrine
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(Jun 07, 2017)
The TOMUS PLENARIUM is complete!
(Jan 02, 2017)
Calendar updated for 2017
(Jun 19, 2016)
Let's get some writing done. :)
(Mar 15, 2016)
Archbishop Saint Columban the Great, pray for us.
(Feb 11, 2016)
(Dec 17, 2015)
Four years of work draw to a close. Glory be!
(Dec 16, 2015)
I was able to get some of the codex of rites transferred to the Wiki. I will work on the rest later.
(Dec 12, 2015)
Recurrences have been added to non-moveable holy days.
(Dec 12, 2015)
Categories have been created, and all calendar events are now categorised.
(Dec 12, 2015)
I have been forgetting to check alliances. Apologies. I will remember to do so at least weekly henceforth.
(Dec 11, 2015)
I have updated the calendar with all liturgical functions and readings for 2016. :)
(Dec 06, 2015)
We are gravely displeased...
(Nov 01, 2015)
Glory to the Light in the highest!
(Oct 30, 2015)
Blessings on this feast
(Oct 23, 2015)
Thanks to Nicolls for updating Winterveil week 9!
(Oct 19, 2015)
(Oct 19, 2015)
Oh wow, the feasts are posted!
(Sep 15, 2015)
My constitution comments are forthcoming this weekend.
(Sep 04, 2015)
Back to work on the Codex of Hours, and we still need to get a publication version of Rites together!
(Aug 29, 2015)