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Kinderfest (F)

Date: May 14, 2017
Posted by: Caspius
Category: Feast
Alliance Event: Yes
Introit: Let every frown be cast off; let every shadow be cast down. (Ps 18:7).

Collect: O Holy Light, Who hast graced the children of the world with countless blessings, be pleased to look upon Thy servants with compassion and, through their practise of the virtues, raise them to be a holy people. For Thou livest and reignest, world without end.

Gradual: In the gardens shall our children again enjoy the songs and festivals. (Lament 4:8 ).
V: Blessed is the Holy Light that maketh the world anew. Every tear is wiped away, every sin forgiven. (Cf. Ps 18:1,3).

Lection: Lament 4:6-10

It is customary, on this day, to visit and bless the local orphanage and the children present. If this is done following the liturgy, then the final blessing and dismissal is omitted, and all process from the Church to the Orphanage. If the blessing is to occur outside of the daily liturgy, then the faithful gather in the Orphanage at the appointed time, and a brief lecture from the Codex of Scripture is selected to be read, followed by the blessing.

The priest, standing inside the orphanage, raises his hands in blessing, and says:
O Holy Light, send down rays of protection upon this place, and hallow its walls so that the children who know no other home but here may be raised in service to Thee and in true devotion to unending faith. For Thou dwellest on high for ever.
R: May it be so.

The orphanage and all present are sprinkled with holy water.


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