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St. Gregor the Justiciar (M)

Date: May 17, 2017 - switch instance
Reoccurs: Yearly
Posted by: Caspius
Category: Memorial
Alliance Event: Yes
Introit: Forever and anon I shall sing, "Praise and glory to the Light!" (Ps 8:8 ).

Collect: O Light, Who hast inspired the paladin, Gregor, to a life of righteousness, be pleased to inspire the hearts of Thy servants to a seek not evil, but only justice and truth. For Thou art worthy of all honour unto ages of ages.

Gradual: Man desires hope from the righteous. (Cf. Heroes 1:7,9).
V: Long I waited for the Light; my cry went not unheard. (Ps 8:1).

Lection: Heroes 1:1-9


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