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St. Alexandros Mograine (M)

Date: Apr 27, 2018 - switch instance
Reoccurs: Yearly
Posted by: Caspius
Category: Memorial
Alliance Event: Yes
In the Diocese of Northrend, the Feast of Saint Alexandros Mograine
Introit: From the east to west, let all praise the Light. (Ps 3:3).

Collect: O Holy Light, Who hast guided the paladin, Alexandros, along the path of righteousness, grant that, by his example, we be inspired to be firm in faith, and that we understand the merit of unending hope in the Dawn. For Thou art glorious for ever.

Gradual: Let the Light inside of you confirm the truth. (Prophets 1:14).
V: Truly, all shall be warmed by the gentle touch of the Light. (Cf. Ps 3:9).

Lection: Prophets 1:11-16


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