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St. Terenas Menethil II, King (M)

Date: Apr 03, 2018 - switch instance
Reoccurs: Yearly
Posted by: Caspius
Category: Memorial
Alliance Event: Yes
Patronal feast of Secular Authorities
In the Diocese of Lordaeron, the Solemnity of Saint Terenas Menethil II, King
Introit: Abandon me not, O Light; yea, make haste to help me. (Cf. Ps 6:4).

Collect: O Light, Who hast comforted the heart of the King, Terenas, in times of great suffering and loss, grant to Thy meek servants an honour that endureth, for those who serve in humility shall never fade into darkness. For Thou dwellest on high for ever.

Gradual: Days are coming when the righteous will be accounted fools. (Heroes 5:6).
V: With cruel words they curse my faith and mutter obscenities about Your truths. (Ps 6:6-7).

Lection: Heroes 5:1-6


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