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St. Columban Blackmoore, Doctor (M)

Date: Jan 13, 2018 - switch instance
Reoccurs: Yearly
Posted by: Caspius
Category: Memorial
Alliance Event: Yes
Patronal feast of Luxologians
Introit: As with heavenly rays, my heart and soul were warmed. (Ps 8:7).

Collect: O Holy Light Who hast instilled in the heart of the monk, Columban Blackmoore, the grace of conversion, graciously listen to the prayers of Thy servants, and grant that those who today search for truth may, through the practice of virtue, come to find it. For Thou dwellest on high for ever

Gradual: O Truth, You deigned to sweeten my lips with your praise. (Columban 3:1).
V: Gave voice I to the glory of the Light; abroad sang I in praise. (Ps 8:4).

Lection: Columban 3:1-7


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