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St. Davil Crockford (M)

Date: Jan 09, 2018 - switch instance
Reoccurs: Yearly
Posted by: Caspius
Category: Memorial
Alliance Event: Yes
Patronal feast of Pioneers
Introit: Although they strike, I never feel the blow. (Ps 15:5).

Collect: O Light of grace Who hast shown upon the paladin, Davil, grant to Thy sinful servants the same grace of courage and fortitude which provided Davil the strength to sacrifice himself in the service of others. For Thou art glorious for ever.

Gradual: We are small, but we are made great in the Light. (Sermons 6:30).
V: Although struck down, I am saved. United with the Dawn, I will arise in glory. (Ps 15:6-7).

Lection: Sermons 6:24-33


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